How can you increase your mobility with Golden Visa Program?

Investors all around the world consider Golden Visa Programs as a way to access the globalized world. If certain requirements are met, the applicants of the program can receive a permanent residency, and in some cases the residency permit may lead to citizenship. Portugal Golden Visa is one of the most popular Golden Visa Programs which grants citizenship after 5 years of legal residence. You may be a hard working professional looking for a place to live during your retirement days, a concerned parent wanting to guarantee the future of your child, or an investor always ready to new opportunities. In each case Golden Visa programs have a lot to offer. These programs were created to contribute to the country’s economy, and provide visa-free travel, international education opportunities and tax advantages for the investors in return. 

Visa-free Travel

The importance of global mobility is increasing day by day especially for business people. Golden Visa Programs offer visa-free travel within the Schengen area. There certain benefits of getting a residence permit from a EU country: security, stability, welfare, high life standards are the first things that come to mind.

Investment Options

Each program has its own set of requirements, but real estate investment is the among the popular ones. Being one of the most secure ways of investment, the minimum investment amount for a property purchase vary according to the program. Other options may include establishment of an enterprise, capital transfers or investment to government bonds. 

Greece Golde Visa program is one of the most popular European residency by investment programs. The program allows the applicants to travel in the Schengen Area without a visa. In addition to that, investors can benefit from the profitable Greek real estate market. Will it continue in 2020? Check out what are the expectations on the Greece Golden Visa in the next year.

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